Working My Butt Off

by - Friday, April 07, 2017

Are you sometimes frustrated of missing the things that you love to do? You had no choice but just to go on with your life and earn.

Yes. I’ve been a frustrated blogger.

I’ve been wandering for such a long, long time. I’d like to start blogging when I was 18. I realized that time flies so fast. I’m getting old. I gotta do something for myself. I gotta work my butt off. Finally, I’ve started it on 2017 after doing a lot of research and self-study on the platform that I’ll be using in making a blog. GEE! I was 26 that time! Last February 11, 2017. I’ve finalized my thoughts with the concept that I would like to have for a blog. Then, *poooof* it became Koko Crunch! Just kiddin’. Finally, there’s ...

The featured photo credits to Jonathan Candido
Thank you!

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