One thing that my mother-in-law and I have in common is our passion for beauty. We are mindful of our skin, hair, and makeups. Isn't that cool? The only difference is that she is more conscious than me. Perhaps, she has got a lot of experience compared to me.

Sometimes, I thought that a product is "yay" but, when it comes to her, it's "nay". I am always relying on her feedback when it comes to beauty.  I trust her opinion only because she's been a cosmetologist for 30 years. Yes. You've heard me right. She knows what fits and suits a girl from head to toe. You might think that she's only a "cosmetologist". Well, I tell you, she was trained by the country's famous Jun Encarnacion. If you don't have any idea about the late Jun Encarnacion, you may visit their website
If you wish to ready about beauty: you may click this link.

In this section, I will be writing about her feedback about the beauty products and makeups.

Happy reading! 

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